On Cue BCA Pool League 2020 Bylaws

League Owners:

Mickey Hammond

Patrick Akers


Website: www.oncuebilliards.net


The following rules will govern play in the On Cue BCA Pool League. Along with these rules, the Official Rules of CueSports International (CSI) will be used with possible slight variations.

Please go to www.oncuebilliards.net to view your league stats at any time. Stats such as team standings, schedules, score sheets, and much more are available at this web site.

​1. Starting Time of Match - Starting time of matches will be 7:00pm please allow 10 minutes of grace time for players and captains that are running late if necessary. If a player cannot be there by the time his/her match is ready to start, the opposing captain must allow the player to be played around until it is that players turn again. At the point the opposing captain has the option to continue to play around the player or force them to forfeit matches until the player arrives.

2. Sanctioning Fees & Membership Lookup - All players' annual sanction fees must be paid prior to playing your second match. Failure to do could be subject to a forfeit for any unsanctioned players. Players may check their membership status and membership ID number by going to www.playbca.com on the "Membership Lookup" page. That captain is responsible for filling out the player's information on the List of New/Additional BCA Pool League Players page in the team's packets, as well as collecting the weekly $10 fee to play. This player cannot play a second match without paying the $15 annual BCA Pool League Membership Fee. Contact any league officer if there is any doubt about a player's eligibility.

3. Weekly Team Fee - The team captain is responsible for the entire team's fees each week at $10 per player regardless of absent players. Tardiness in the payment of weekly player fees could lead to the suspension of that team's membership in the league and forfeiture of that team's right to any team or individual awards, prizes, prize money, or right to participate in the league playoffs or city tournament. Failure of a team to deposit all monies and score sheets at the designated drop-off location within 24 hours of the start time of the match could result in a match loss reflecting no awards of round points, or games won for that week's play. Before that team plays another match, they must have brought their balance to zero.

4. Weekly Play - Each division will determine the number of players on a team.

   - 5 Person Teams may have up to 8 players on a team

   - 4 person teams may have up to 8 players on a team

   - 3 person 9 ball teams may have up to 5 players on a team

Team captains may use up to one player twice anytime during regular season play. Opposing captain will have “right of refusal” for first pick but cannot refuse the second option as long as the team stays within the maximum Fargo guidelines. (Teams do not have the option to use a player twice during any city, playoff or any other match outside of regular weekly play)

5. A player that has never played in this league and /or has no Fargo rating or a non established rating, their rating must be approved by the advisory committee and/or OnCue management. (Emergency situations will be handled by league management. Fargo will then calculate the player's rating based on assigned starter rating and future games played. All players must follow any bylaws pertaining to ratings. No team will be allowed to add any player after the first half of any session. (Emergency situations will be considered).



6. Tables and Equipment Used – Venues, Tables and pool balls used should be in "playable" condition. If deemed "unplayable" by the League Operator, the match may be moved to another venue or another table. The pool balls, including the cue ball used, may be chosen by the home team unless otherwise specified by the league.



7. Setting Team Lineups – Score sheets will be in triplicate. The white copy will go in the envelope and signed by both teams. The home team captain will set the lineup on the score sheet first, and then give it to the visiting team captain to do the same and each team will take one of the colored copies with them.



8. Substitute "Sub" Players - A team may put a substitute (sub) player into the lineup any time before the start of a round. The captain of the team putting the sub in must notify the opposing team captain prior to the start of the round. If a request is made after the start of the round, then it is up to the opposing team captain to allow the sub to play or not. If a notification to put in a sub is requested before the start of the round, the request cannot be refused as long as the team adheres to the total team FargoRate put in place by league administration. Additionally, only the first player put up will receive credit for a week played.



9. Replacing a Starting Lineup Player - Once a player in the starting lineup is replaced by a sub they cannot go back into the lineup. LMS will only allow a player name to appear once on a score sheet.



10. Shooting Out Policy - With prior approval of the opposing team captain, one player on a team is allowed to "shoot out" or play all their games consecutively at the start of the match. This policy is not allowed at the BCAPL National Championships or any other high level event.



11. Time Limits to Report to the Table – Players must report to the table for their game in a reasonable amount of time. Even though there is a "late" policy in place, we encourage team captains to work with each other whenever possible. Remember, this is a pool league where the idea is to have good clean competition AND TO HAVE FUN!!!



12. Breaking - Breaking will be determined by the score sheet unless otherwise specified by the League Operator.



13. Bye Weeks - All teams that have to play a scheduled "Bye" will receive zero points.



14. Scoring Forfeited Games / Matches / League Fees - Both teams must pay their regular weekly fees. Any fees not paid will be withheld from any monies the team may have coming to them.


   a.) If a team has to forfeit one player, that team will receive 0 points for that match and the opposing player will             receive 10 points.

   b.) Any team that forfeits a match will receive 0 points for the entire match. The opposing team will receive the exact     number calculated from the average of all weeks played. For example: If the team has played 4 weeks and scored       800 points total. The average will be 200.

15. Drop Out Teams - Teams that drop out during the course of a session can create problems within the league. It can have an uneven or unfair effect on the division standings, and reduce the prize money for the other teams. All players on a team that drops out of the league will forfeit all singles and team prize money won in that session. A team that has started a session is responsible for the full session's fees. The captain of a team that has dropped out will not be allowed to play on future league teams until all owed fees are paid. Team members other than captains are responsible for their share of the total fees owed for every week of the session, and must pay fees for past weeks before being allowed to rejoin the league with any other team. The League Operator will try to find a "replacement" team to fill the vacant spot, but if that is not possible the League Operator will try to find the most equitable and fair way to adjust the league's team and/or singles standings. This may include averaging points by a team for the session and applying that number of points to a forfeited match, or a similar method of points averaging.



16. Suspending Teams from League Play - Any team that forfeits two consecutive weeks or any three weeks in a league session will be automatically suspended from any and all further league competition. Any and all sanction monies, fees / dues and prize money shall be forfeited. Suspended teams must bring their balance due to the league back to zero before being allowed back into the league. This would include fees for past weeks even though they were not participating.



17. Rescheduling Matches - If both team captains agree to reschedule a match, it must also be approved by the League Operator and location owner, and must be made up within 3 weeks. All rescheduled matches must be played at the opposite location of the team requesting to reschedule unless agreed upon by both teams.



18. Eligibility for Playoffs / Post Session Play / Mid-Session Play -


     a.) Any tournaments where the reward is to compete in the national championships, will require the same                     requirements here to play there. See #19


     b.) Any local events requirements will be determined by league operators and posted prior to the event. 



19. Eligibility for BCAPL National Championships in Las Vegas, NV - Players who have played a minimum of eight (8) full regularly scheduled BCAPL league matches in the same division during a single sanctioned session, and are deemed an active player by the League Operator, are eligible to play in the BCAPL National Championships. Team "original" players must play eight (8) weeks on the same team in a single session.



20. Coaching – Although, coaching of any form is not permitted at BCA Nationals or any high level event, coaches will be allowed for regular weekly play by allowing one (1) coach per round to be used with any player in that round. Players or captains may call a coach. However, a captain does have the right to refuse the coach and will not be charged for it. (Any questions related to rules will not be considered a coach.)



21. Team Rating Limits/Limits on Top Tier Players –  


     a.) 5 person teams - 2500 max Fargo rating and no more than two 550 rated players or greater will be allowed to         play at the same time.


     b.) 4 person teams - 2000 max Fargo rating and no more than two 550 rated players or greater will be allowed to         play at the same time.


     c.) 3 person teams - 1500 max Fargo rating and no more than two 550 rated players or greater will be allowed to         play at the same time.



22. Proof of Identity - All players must be able to provide proof of their identity prior to the start of a match.



23. Unsportsmanlike Conduct - The guidelines for unsportsmanlike conduct are outlined in the Official Rules of the BCA Pool League on page 93. This includes but is not limited to actions that are embarrassing, disruptive, or detrimental to other players, spectators, event officials, or the sport in general.



24. Penalties for Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Exact penalties will be determined by the League Operator. These penalties may range from a warning to suspension / expulsion from the league, disqualification from a tournament or playoff, and forfeiture of prize money won during the regular or post session.



25. Sandbagging Policies - This league will not tolerate "sandbagging" (playing at a skill level below a player's true ability in order to manipulate and gain an unfair advantage) of any kind. A player may be warned, suspended or expelled if this type of play is suspected.



26. Slow Play - We encourage people to have fun, play at a reasonable pace, and enjoy league pool. However, there may be a rare occasion when the League Operator will have to rule on slow play. Either player or both players may be put on a 60 second clock at the League Operator's discretion.



27. City / Regional Championships - The qualifying procedures and the dates of any City or Regional Championships should be posted on the league website www.oncuebilliards.net. In addition, players should be made aware of qualifying procedures for teams eligible to compete in the BCAPL National Championships, as well as the dates of the event.



28. Advisory Committee – The Advisory Committee will be made up of League Management, 1 senior adviser and 4 advisers that will be selected from league players. The Advisory Committee will remain on the committee throughout the league year unless that player is no longer active in the league or the remaining advisers along with League Management agrees that the person is no longer fit to serve as an adviser.



29. How do I get to the End of Year Event? (Based on 5 person teams)


     - 4/5 team divisions – One team from each session will qualify to compete in the End of Year   event. Any team             double qualified will receive a $250 bonus. Any team triple qualified will receive an additional $250 bonus to be             paid at the End of Year event.


     - 6/7 team divisions – Two teams from each session will qualify to compete in the End of Year event. Any team             double qualified will receive a $375 bonus. Any team triple qualified will receive an additional $375 bonus to be             paid at the End of Year event.

     - 8/9 team divisions – Three teams from each session will qualify to compete in the End of Year event. Any team           double qualified will receive a $500 bonus. Any team triple qualified will receive an additional $500 bonus. To be           paid at the End of Year event.

Teams that qualify will play for against other qualifiers for a chance to play in Vegas.


  How do I get to Vegas?


       - Up to 7 Teams competing in an End of Year event – One team to BCA Nationals

       - Up to 11 Teams competing in an End of Year event– Two teams to BCA Nationals

       - Up to 16 Teams competing in an End of Year event – Three teams to BCA Nationals


Any qualified team must keep 2 original players for all remaining sessions and any team that wins an End of Year event must use that team to compete in BCA Nationals and every player must met the requirements put in place by BCA Nationals.

You must participate in the End of Year Tournament to earn a paid trip with the team.  (Participate by playing or being at the tournament for support.)



30. Las Vegas Nationals format - In Nationals, ball spots are not used. See player guide for complete information on BCA Nationals.

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