ON CUE BCA Financial Statements

2016 Fall Session Player Payout Details

2016 Fall Session Financial Report

Fee Collection Details

Team Count:  7

Weekly Team Fees:  $50, (5-players at $10/player)

Weeks Played:  12, (14 session weeks - 2 bye weeks)


Total Weekly Fees Collected:  $4,200

Payout and Expense Details

Money added for Nov. "B's/C's" Event:  $500

Money added for Dec. "A's" Event:  $300

Participation-Based Payouts:  $990.00

Win A Game; Win A Buck Payouts:  $1,050

League Expenses: $310

Player Fund For End Of Year Event Payout: $1,050


Total Payouts and expenses:  $4,200

Methods For Player Payout Calculations:

2016 Fall-Session player payouts are made up of the "Win A Game; Win A Buck" payout and the "Participation-Based" payouts.

Win A Game; Win A Buck(The "WAGWAB" column above) is just what it sounds like.  Every game you win(won column above), results in a dollar added to your player payout. Participation-Based Payouts are based on your level of participation within the league.  There are 5 fundamental levels of participation in this league; Substitute Player(4-6 weeks),  Full-Player(Half or more weeks played), Team Captain, League Advisor, and Officer. 

For example: A Team Captain(1 point), who is also on the League Advisory Board(1 point), and plays 7 or more weeks to be a Full-Player(2 points) would have 4 participation points.


Since this is our first session and we wanted everyone to understand the payout system, and to be able to provide feedback, we decided to convert everyone's points into payouts, and combine them with your WAGWAB money now. This session's points were worth $10, and your total Participation-Based Payout("Part Bonus" above) is calculated by multiplying Your Participation Level("Level" above) by $10.

Going forward, these points will be posted on the Player Payout Details Report(above) at the end of each session, and at the End Of The League-Year(May), these points will be converted to payouts by taking the 25% fees collected and dividing them by the total number of points outstanding to get the final dollar value per point. $60 was rounded off to make each Participation Point worth an even $10, and added to the prize pool for Year-Round Events.  Only active members are eligible for year-end Participation Payouts.

We promised 90% of all funds to be paid to players and only holding back 10% for league expenses.  You might have noticed our expenses were listed above as $310, which is $110 dollars less than 10% of all fees collected ($4,200*10%=$420).  This $110 was added to the Year-Round Tournament portion of the payouts.  


If you have any questions regarding payout calculations, by all means contact Steve Boyer.  We want to thank you for taking this ride with us, and we can't wait for the next session to start! 

Points for each Participation Level:


Substitute Player (3-6 Weeks):  1

Full-Time Player (7 Or More Weeks):  2

Team Captain:  1

League Advisor:  1

League Officer:  1

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